Study Arabic in Beirut

SINARC offers courses in the Arabic language  at various levels of proficiency. Each level provides a number of hours per week of intensive classroom instruction, including Lebanese dialect. Formal language instruction is enriched by immersion in an authentic cultural context. Cultural activities include weekly lectures on topics related to Arab and Lebanese politics, history and society. In addition, students partake in a series of excursions to historical, cultural and tourist sites throughout Lebanon.

General information

Information regarding transfer of credits, accreditation, travel, visa, transportation, accommodation, instructors, and excursions is also available.


The SINARC program is offered at the Lebanese American University (LAU) on its Beirut campus, situated in the heart of the Lebanese capital.

Students have the option to register in:

15-week program
15 credits
15-week program
15 credits
6-week program
8 credits
14-week program
14 credits

One-on-one tutorials are also available for the diplomatic corps